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A Blessing for Blossoming

A Beloved Life is just me following a nudge. A Spirit nudge that reminds me how much attention God is paying to me, that He would build this dream for me out of mostly nothing. I am being given the gift of knowing my place of belonging in the heart of God. He is awakening something new in me that hums with possibility.

The becoming, the belonging, the belovedness feel like a gossamer thread of my Creator's adoration. My whisper of a longing for more of Him has been heard and is beginning to be answered. A taste of this invites a hunger for more. More of His presence, more of His joy, more of His community of people who are finding their longing hearts made whole in the heart of the Father.

We are unique and cherished, you and I. You also have a place made for you in His heart. It has your name on it, and when you are absent that place is empty. This is not general admission or standing-room-only: your spot is your spot. He longs for you to be melting into it, even as you go about your days. He misses you when you are not there.

The theology of A Beloved Life is simple. God, the very good Father who calls us His own. God, the Son: Redeemer, Reconciler, and Restorer, inviting us to walk with Him in His rhythms of grace. God, the Holy Spirit, with whom we are joined together:

There is coming a Man after me who...will submerge you into union

with the Spirit of Holiness and with a raging fire! Matthew 3:11 TPT

Amazing, right? With us, around us, speaking to us in our daily comings and goings, our walking around life with God.

In this life, life in the heart of the Father, companioned by the Son and unified with the Holy Spirit, there is love, joy, peace, and a bunch of other delicious, life-giving fruit. Sharing it together makes it big and glorious. If you've found me here, I am grateful and hopeful.

Let me invite you to share my prayer over this dream God is breathing to life. Perhaps He is breathing a dream in you to life, too.


Let Your name be often on my lips.

I long to be a bringer of your kingdom,

to walk in Your ways, to bear Your fruit,

to be in the world in a way that delights You.

Open my eyes to Your abundance and let me regard it with care,

that all You offer me might be enough to satisfy.

Surround me on all sides with Your presence,

that I might be safe from the enemy and from my own flesh and failings.

Call me to forgiveness in every place I hold bitterness or resentment.

Enlarge my spirit to respond with courage and openness to your Spirit.

May I bring Your light, Your love, Your belovedness to all the places I go.


Welcome! Welcome to beloved community, friends. Let's see what God has planned for this blossoming little bud.



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