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breath prayer

Breath prayer is perhaps the simplest of practices. It consists simply of pairing a short Scripture, or phrase, with your inhale and your exhale. It is particularly helpful in situations of stress or tedium, when you need to become aware that God is with you.  Repeat the prayer several times, in the rhythm of your breath. Here are a few ideas, but this is a very personal practice, and you may adapt your favorite short passage or your name for God to this as well. 

Inhale: Jesus.                                Exhale: Have mercy on me.


Inhale: God, I am here.                Exhale: You are here.

Inhale: Abba.                               Exhale: I belong to you.

Inhale: Holy Spirit.                      Exhale: Help.

Inhale: You are my shepherd.     Exhale: I have all that I need.

Inhale: I come to You.                  Exhale: You give me rest.

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