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One of the most powerful ways we can celebrate God's movement in our lives is to share it together. In its best form, we accompany one another on wide, sunny roads of joy, eager to see what's around the bend. We journey alongside with arms entwined for strength on darker paths of desolation. We care deeply for one another in ways that enrich our lives and must surely delight our Father. When we are willing to be known as we are, allowing our joys and sorrows to be shared, we open our hearts to a whole new way of being the body of Christ.


Maybe you already have a group of people you really like and you're wondering about a deeper friendship.  You can move that direction by setting the intention to listen to  one another without agenda, topic or problem-solving.  Simply allow whatever God is doing to bubble to the surface. Speak it. Hear it.  Sit with it. Hold it for one another in prayer.


If this resonates with you but it seems like a more structured setting might be helpful to get started, I facilitate two different approaches for groups that are ready to dive a little deeper into beloved communityBoth groups can meet in person or virtually.


Group Direction involves coming together monthly, with one or two sharing each time around what's stirring them. As director, I facilitate the listening and gently guide group responses toward the noticing of God's invitations rather than opinions and advice. These groups commit to one another for an agreed upon period of time, usually a year or longer.  Read more about this here

Life Maps Groups utilize a set of artistically rendered maps to explore the places we find God in our story. We allow ourselves to settle deep into His movements and our responses across time. When we gather we are hearing life stories in all their dimensions. These groups can be completed in 12-16 weeks, but often take longer based on the group's desired pace.  Read more about this here.  

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