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About Me

I have been engaged in direction since 2021, and have completed a two year certification in Spiritual Direction offered by Sustainable Faith. My formation included a nine month exploration of the Ignatian Excercises. I am currently undertaking a third, post-graduate year which is centered around the importance of story, the role of desire and deeper exploration of contemplative prayer. You can examine the tenets of Sustainable Faith at


I am active in several direction communities which offer continuing education and opportunities for professional development and I engage in a regular supervision practice. I have facilitated Life Maps in the women's prison in Minnesota since 2016 and have led several other groups through the Maps. 

Even though spiritual directors set ourselves aside as we accompany another, all people live out of their own stories. My particular life experience includes a career in the corporate world, young widowhood, struggle with fertility, joyful entry into motherhood,  a lovely adoption story,  and the loss of my parents before any of us were ready. My church background is centered in Protestant evangelicalism. I am drawn to the beauty of liturgical church traditions, quiet spaces, pleasing aromas and a warm fire on a winter day. I am discovering the freedom in laying aside performance and control and moving in authenticity, even when it feels awkward or insufficient. It leaves space for the Holy Spirit to move, tenderly shaping me into who I long to be, unfolding before me life as a beloved daughter, filling me and pouring me out for His pleasure. 

As I offer direction, I  hold space for you to sink deeper into your own experience of the Holy.  However you come, God finds you exactly there. Every time. He is reliable that way. This is the sacred space where the vast mystery of the Almighty becomes the intimacy of our Abba. 

I hope this page has given you a sense of who I am and what I might bring as a director. The Blog pages will also give you a taste of what's stirring in me in real time.

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