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Contemplative Prayer

This is a way of coming to God and sitting with Him in a particular experience:  a memory, a current stirring, a point of resistance. You are asking Him to meet you there and you are noticing how He is with you.


Begin with several long, deep inhales and exhales. Sit in a posture that is both comfortable and open. If music draws you, choose a favorite piece and let it be in the background. 

Choose something that is top of mind for you right now. If nothing is pressing, consider asking Him what He'd like you to choose.  


Ask God to be with you.

Use your imagination to picture Him there with you. It's okay if it takes some time, or if you have distractions. Notice them and send them away for later, returning to your place there with God. 


Be with Him.

How does it feel to have Him there with you?

Which person of the Trinity has shown up for you?

How do you express yourself to Him? 

Will you let Him know all that is true for you in this situation, holding nothing back? 


Allow yourself to relax there, with Him.

Ask Him, "What do you want me to know about [the circumstance you've chosen]?"

And then pay attention to His response. 

When you are ready, spend some time in reflection.

        What happened?

         How did God seem?

         How did you feel God feeling about you? 

         Did you experience anything that might suggest His interest?

Adapted from Calhoun, Adele Ahlberg. Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices that Transform Us. InterVarsity Press, Westmont, IL 2005. 

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