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Visio Divina

Visio Divina invites us to notice the Divine in the familiar. Take a few moments to come to stillness, ask the Holy Spirit what He'd like you to notice, and then look over the images presented, paying attention to which one resonates.


Photo credit: Dominique Estampes


Photo credit: Mark Halmrast

Which one of these images draws you?

Consider it for a few moments.

What is it that you notice about it? 

Use all of your senses to imagine how it feels, smells, sounds and perhaps even tastes.  

Ponder how this connects to your situation at present. 


What is happening off the page? Use the gift of your imagination to picture it. 


Do you play a part in the story that's unfolding?


What title would you give this image? 


How is God speaking to you in or through this image? Do you sense an invitation from Him?


What is your response to Him? 

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