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Group direction

Group direction differs from individual direction in that space is being held by three to five people, rather than just one. Spiritual practices are still a part of the time together. Silence is expected but the awkwardness soon diminishes. The director takes the role of facilitator, maintaining a practice known as "three-way listening". The speaker, usually a different person each time, has an opportunity to bring whatever is stirring for them that led them to volunteer. While they are talking, the listeners are paying careful attention to what is being said, what is happening in their own spirit, and are attentive to the Holy Spirit. When the speaker is finished, the listeners are invited to notice only what is true about the speaker's story. There is no opinion sharing, no fixing, no advising, no judging and no turning it into the listener's own story.  Depending on the group dynamic, and how long they have been meeting together, the director may take a more or less forward position in inviting the speaker to sit with God in the situation they bring but that remains the ultimate desire: for each participant to notice the movement and work of God.  As with individual direction, strict confidentiality is expected among group members. 

If you are interested in group direction, please email me or use the contact form. If you have a group of friends who would like to do this together (it's beautiful!)  I would be pleased to facilitate. These sessions would be priced as the individual sessions at $50 per hour, with the cost able to be divided among the members.


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