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Group Direction

Group direction differs from individual direction in that space is being held by three to five people, rather than just one. Spiritual practices are still a part of the time together. Silence is expected but the awkwardness soon diminishes. As director, I take the role of facilitator. Each session, one or two of you will have an opportunity to bring whatever is stirring. The others are actively listening, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, attentive to what is being said and what is happening in their own spirit. The listeners are invited to respond with what they've heard and noticed. This is not a time for opinions, advice, or  judgment.  The ultimate desire is for each of you to notice the movements of God. As with individual direction, strict confidentiality is expected among group members. 

If you are interested in group direction, please email me or use the contact form. I would be pleased to facilitate. Fee structure would be hourly, tailored to group size and dynamic.


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