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Cosmic flow

Belovedness. Belonging. Beholding. Prayer.

The Father, the Son and the Spirit are in constant communion. They are They, and they are One. Consider that in being baptised into union with the Spirit of holiness (Matt 3:11 TPT)  we are invited into this way of being together.

What feelings arise in you as you ponder your belonging in such sacred conversation?

In my own imagination, it's a sort of galactic swirl...

Creator Father calls everything into play and movement begins.

Son and Spirit join, their orbits separate but also not.

The gifts and fruits and nudges of the Spirit spin through and among the stars.

The Son throws back His head in laughter as He moves

in His particular rhythms of Redeemer.

The humming background is the invitation for me to join, too, and be Their beloved.

I jump in like double-dutch and I am included in the flow,

at just the tempo and trajectory of Their desire.

Brushing up against what the Spirit wants to show me,

my direction and speed are adjusted and aligned.

My soul is enlarged and I begin a new way of dancing with the Divine,

noticing the gossamer threads of purpose and life for which I was created.

I am wanted here.

God loves it when I join.

I can feel the belonging to my toes.

The galaxy in the image above sparks my visual imagination, and the piece of music here draws me further into my senses. If you'd like, close your eyes and listen: for all the parts entering and building, coming together in joy and belonging, trailing away back to One. May you experience your own belonging in exactly the way the Creator of the universe desires to deliver it to you.

[Image credit: NASA Hubble Telescope, barred spiral galaxy, public domain]


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